April Pack Meeting

Roaring Laughter & Fire Relay

Thanks for everyone attending our April pack meeting.  We had a great time with the jokes from the Bear’s Roaring Laughter Adventure.  They proved that laughter was indeed contagious, as the rest of our Scouts couldn’t help but tell jokes of their own.

Thanks to our Wolf Den for putting on our activity, the Fire Relay.   It was great fun to see all our Scouts and siblings enjoying the silliness and the competition.

Awards & Advancement

We had another awesome month of advancement with our Scouts.  Remember that the “season” ends May 31st.  All advancement has to be entered – and approved by a leader, prior to June 1st.  For the Scout to receive his award or rank at the May pack meeting, the advancement needs to be completed by May 20th.

Feedback for Annual Planning Meeting

Thanks to our parents, leaders and Scouts for your feedback.  This will be invaluable to the pack during our annual planning meeting on May 6th.