Pack 404 Meetings

Q: What Den will my Scout be in?

Dens are arranged by age and my gender.  Boys and girls have separate dens at each grade level.  The den names (and ranks they are working towards) are as follows:

Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light


Q: When and where does Pack 404 meet?

Pack Meetings are the 4th Tuesday at 7pm, at Southway Community Church Leadership meetings are the 2nd Tuesday – also at Southway.  Den Leader meeting starts at 6:30pm, and the Committee Meeting starts at 7:15pm.

Dens meet on the first and third weeks of the month, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday at Southway.  Dens may choose alternate date/locations to accommodate family schedules.  The Lion program is designed to have fewer meetings than the other dens, we will be adjusting these as we get a better understanding of the program.

Lion18GirlSouthway Church1st & 3rd Tues @ 7:00pm
Lion8BoySouthway Church2nd Tues @ 7:00pm
Tiger16GirlSouthway Church1st & 3rd Tues @ 7:00pm
Tiger6BoySouthway Church1st & 3rd Tues @ 7:00pm
Wolf15GirlSouthway Church1st & 3rd Tues @ 7:00pm
Wolf 5BoySouthway Church1st & 3rd Tues @ 7:00pm
Bear14GirlSouthway Church1st & 3rd Tues @ 7:00pm
Bear4BoySouthway Church1st & 3rd Tues @ 7:00pm
Webelos3BoyCentennial Park1st & 3rd Sun @ 5:00pm
Webelos7BoyCentennial Park1st & 4th Sun @ 5:00pm
AOL12GirlSouthway Church1st & 3rd Tues @ 7:00pm
AOL2BoySouthway Church1st & 3rd Tues @ 7:00pm

Please Note: Our current boy dens for Tiger, Wolf and Bear are reaching optimal size.  New Scouts joining in September 2018 or later will likely be formed into new dens, which will meet on Wednesday at Southway Community Church.


Q: What uniforms should my Scout wear to Den and Pack meetings?

Den Meetings

Scouts should wear their pack t-shirt, along with neckerchief/slide, belt and hat to den meetings.  Given that Scouts often play outside before their den meetings, or participate in outdoor activities during den meetings, we want to help parents keep the more expensive “Class A” uniform in good condition.

Chances are that we will have Scouts from multiple dens meeting at the same time at the church.  Being able to easily identify them by den will be helpful.  A Scouts BSA policy update in 2016 allows Scouts to wear their neckerchief with a t-shirt, and not just the formal “Class A” field uniform.

Pack Meetings

Scouts should wear the full “Class A” uniform to Pack meetings, complete with belt, neckerchief/slide and hat.  The exception here are Lion Scouts, which do not wear the “Class A” uniform.  They should wear their official Lion t-shirt.

When wearing the “Class A” uniform, we ask that parents help their Scouts wear the uniform properly with the shirt tucked in, and complete the uniform with their neckerchief and slide.  Scouts can wear their den hats in the Southway Church building. 

We do ask that they remove them when entering the Sanctuary for the Pack meeting – a Scout is Reverent. 

Purchasing the Uniform

We do recognize that new Scouts may not have a complete uniform for the first few Pack meetings.  We ask that parents complete the uniform prior to the new Scouts’ Bobcat Ceremony in October.

There will be opportunities in August/September to check out a “Class A” uniform shirt from the Uniform Exchange (based on availability), or purchase one from Bobcat in the Park. 

Parents can also purchase online via, or visit one of the Scout Shops in Houston.  There are four in the Houston area, with the one in Stafford having the easiest access from Pearland.

Including the pack t-shirt in the Pack dues helps ensure new Scouts can “fit in” with other den members, from the very beginning.  For more information about uniforms and cost, see that FAQ page.