Cub Scouting FAQ

Q: What is Cub Scouts?  Who can join?  How does it all work?

Cub Scouts (and the Scouts BSA) program is a youth leadership program. 

The goal of Cub Scouting is to develop future leaders via Character Development, Confidence Building, Outdoor Experiences, and FUN!!!

Cub Scout Pack 404 is a Family Cub Scouting Pack.  Registration is open to boys and girls in grades K-5.  Scouts BSA has a great new video to answer basic questions about Cub Scouting. 

Please let us know if you have any more.


Q: What Den will my Scout be in?

Dens are arranged by age and gender.  Boys and girls have separate dens at each grade level.  The den names (and ranks they are working towards) are as follows:

Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light


Q: How does Family Cub Scouting work?

To date, girls have been able to participate in virtually every activity, but have not been recognized for their hard work, skills development, and understanding of the Scout Oath and Law.  As of Fall 2018, girls can officially join Cub Scouting, and be recognized for their achievements.

The monthly pack meeting, special events and camp-outs will continue to be family affairs, and thus will be co-ed.  However, dens and weekly den meetings will be single-sex, allowing both boys and girls to learn and work in ways that benefit both equally.

Girls will be able to earn all of the same adventures, ranks and awards as boys have been – using the same requirements.  In February 2019, girls in an Arrow of Light Den will be able to crossover into a new girls program at the Scouts BSA level.

There they will be able to again earn all the same merit badges, awards and ranks – all the way to Eagle Scout.  For a timeline of the transition, see this PDF infographic.


Q: What is the difference between Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA?

The primary difference is the age groups.  The Cub Scout program is for Kindergarten to 5th grade (5yr – 10.5yr), where as Scouts BSA (formerly “Boy Scouts”) is designed for older Scouts 6th grade and above (11yr – 18yr).

Additionally, Cub Scouting is “parent led”.  Parents and leaders are fully engaged in each activity and outing, leading and teaching the young scouts in the pack.

Scouts BSA, on the other hand, is “Scout led”.  The older scouts teach the skills, lead their patrols (the Scouts BSA version of dens), and impart the Scouting Principles to the younger scouts.  Adult leaders are there to help and advise the older scouts.

The Webelos (a portmanteau of “We’ll Be Loyal Scouts”) program in Cub Scouting serves as a transition between Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA.  Webelos begin to learn more tangible scouting skills like camping and cooking.

Webelos are expected to be more independent.  They are able to camp as a den (other dens are only able to camp as part of a pack event), and the Arrow of Light (Webelos 2nd year) group will even do some camping with local Scouts BSA Troops.