Pack 404 Meetings

The individual dens meet on the first and third weeks of the month, usually on Tuesday nights at Beth-El Church, by 5943 Brookside Rd. Brookside (Brookside Village), 77581. Dens may choose alternate date/locations to accommodate family schedules.  The Lion program is designed to have fewer meetings than the other dens and usually meets once a month.

Pack Meetings are the 4th Tuesday at 7pm, located at E.A. Lawhon Elementary School, 5810 Brookside Rd. Pearland,  77581.

Den Leader & Committee meetings are the 2nd Tuesday, at Beth-El Church in Brookside Village.  Den Leader meetings start at 6:30pm, and the Committee Meeting starts at 7:00pm, usually held online.

 Beth-El Church, Brookside Village

E.A. Lawhon Elementary School