Pack 404 Meetings

The individual dens meet on the first and third weeks of the month, usually on Tuesday nights at Revolution Church, 5943 Brookside Rd. Brookside (Brookside Village), 77581. Dens may choose alternate date/locations to accommodate family schedules.  The Lion program is designed to have fewer meetings than the other dens and usually meets once a month.

Pack Meetings are the 4th Tuesday at 7pm, located at E.A. Lawhon Elementary School, 5810 Brookside Rd. Pearland,  77581.

Den Leader & Committee meetings are the 2nd Tuesday, at Beth-El Church in Brookside Village.  Den Leader meetings start at 6:30pm, and the Committee Meeting starts at 7:00pm, usually held online.

 Revolution Church, Brookside Village

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E.A. Lawhon Elementary School

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