Youth Registration

Youth Registration

Joining Pack 404 is easy with online registration.  There’s just two easy steps: 1) Filling out the online registration, and then 2) paying your Pack dues for the remainder of 2018.  If you have any questions or issues, please Message us on Facebook.

Step One – Online Registration

Clicking this link will take you to the online application specific for Pack 404.  The screen will refresh and look like the image below.  Under “New to Scouting?” click the “Continue” box.

My Scouting Account Creation

Complete the steps to create your My Scouting account.  Once you’ve created the account, you should be routed to the Pack 404 registration form, which looks like this:

If the “Step 1 – Parent/Guardian Information” is marked as “Not Completed” click that entry to fill in the missing info.  Once completed click “Back to Steps” to verify it accepted everything

Click “Step 2 – Youth Information” and complete that form.  It will look like the below screenshot:

When presented with the question about the Boy’s Life Magazine Subscription click “No” (it is included with the Pack Dues).  Once completed click “Back to Steps” to verify it accepted everything.

Click “Step 3 – Terms and Conditions” and scroll to the bottom, type in your name, check the box and click “Checkout”.  Current pro-rated national registration fee should be about $13.75 (as per September 2018). 

If you have multiple Scouts to register, you will need to complete a new form for each Scout.  However, on additional submissions you can click the “Already Involved in Scouting” option and log into your existing My Scouting account.


Step Two – Pack Dues

Click here to pay your Pack Dues for the rest of 2018.  Select “1st Scout in Family” then click “Add to Cart”.  For families registering multiple Scouts, add them as needed.  Be sure to add your Scout’s information in the “shipping info” field, so we know who dues were paid for.

If you would like to purchase any additional pack t-shirts for your Scout or family members (your Scout receives one as part of their Pack dues), or pay 2019 dues, click “Continue Shopping” – otherwise click “Checkout” and complete the transaction.

Screenshot of the full online store is below for reference. 2019 dues are paid via “Annual Pack Dues”. Additional pack t-shirts may be purchased. New Scouts should not purchase the “Returning Scout Setup…”


Step Three – You’re Done.  Welcome to Pack 404!!!