Girls & Lions

Girls & Lions

The Boy Scouts of America are introducing two exciting new program options for Cub Scout Packs.  The first of these is Lion Scouts, which is a new program for Kindergarten age youth.

The second of these updates is that girls will be welcomed into Cub Scouting.  Both programs are optional for Cub Scout Packs, and Pack 404 has chosen to opt-in to both opportunities.

Lion Scouts

Information about Lion Scouts can be found on the Boy Scouts of America Lion Scouting program page.

The tagline for Lion Scout program is “Big Smiles Build Bigger Futures,” and we can’t wait to welcome these energetic faces into our Pack.

Family Cub Scouting

The introduction of girls into Cub Scouting is done through either new girl-only packs, or the designation of existing packs as “Family Scouting” units.  Cub Scouting is a family-oriented program with moms, sisters, and other siblings often attending monthly pack meetings, special events, and camp outs.

To date, girls have been able to participate in virtually every activity, but have not been recognized for their hard work, skills development, and understanding of the Scout Oath and Law.  As of Fall 2018, girls can officially join Cub Scouting, and be recognized for their achievements.

The monthly pack meeting, special events and camp-outs will continue to be family affairs, and thus will be co-ed.  However, the Dens and the weekly den meetings will be single-sex, allowing both boys and girls to learn and work in ways that benefit both equally.

Girls will be able to earn all of the same adventures, ranks and awards as boys have been – using the same requirements.  In February 2019, girls in an Arrow of Light Den will be able to crossover into a new girls program at the Boy Scout level.

There they will be able to earn again earn all the same merit badges, awards and ranks – all the way to Eagle Scout.  For a timeline of the transition, see this PDF infographic.

We look forward to welcome our sisters, friends and neighbors into Cub Scout Pack 404, as part of the new Family Scouting program.